XPRESS | Arrow AM1 1/10 Mini Competition 4WD Shaft Drive Touring Car

After hearing so much talk that Xpress is about to launch a new car, it has been waiting so long for it to finally release!

Pre-orders are already available at rcMart!

What’s so special about this Arrow AM1 M-Chassis car, let's check it out!

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Arrow AM1, the M-Chassis version of the full-size 1/10 touring Arrow AT1. Sporting all the designs that made the Arrow AT1 a competitive chassis and turned into an M-Chassis platform

4WD Shaft Drive Floating Gear Box System

On our Arrow AM1 we have retained the floating gearbox system for a easy to drive car and reduce torque steer commonly found on shaft driven cars!

Front & Rear Aluminum Propeller Shaft

The Arrow AM1 features Aluminum Propeller Shafts. Providing extra durability and weight saving.

Self Lubricating Plastics

The Arrow AM1 will be using the same self-lubricating plastic that is found on Arrow AT1.
Suspension plastics will be the same as the XM1, so Xpress mini fans will have parts ready!

Adjustable Battery Mount

Arrow AM1 will be 225mm wheelbase default, as such Xpress is able to incorporate two different battery mounting locations for you to adjust your center of gravity!

Aluminum Insert Adjusted Ackermann Steering Bridge

Different fields have different needs. Provide a different characteristic to create your unique feel of drive.

Low CG Roll Bar Design

We have low center gravity roll bar design for our AM1. Provide a more direct reaction, increasing turning ability.

Low CG Front & Rear Aluminum Shock Tower

Low center of gravity design, provide a more agile cornering.

Other Features

• Internal Gear Ratio: 2.353
• Sealed Transmission Gear Box
• Front Spool & Rear Gear Differential Unit
• Low Profile Long Travel Aluminum Short Shocks
• Front Spring Steel Double Joint Universal Shaft
• Full Low Friction Drive Gears
• Full Aluminum Suspension Mount
• 2.25mm Graphite Main Chassis
• 2.0mm Graphite Top Deck
• Full Turnbuckle Linkages
• Full Ball Bearing Set


• Type: Competition Grade 1:10 On-road 4WD
• Length: 315mm
• Wheelbase: 225mm
• Track Width: F160mm / R160mm (Approx.)


• Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
• Steering servo
• Motor
• Pinion gear (64p)
• Battery pack
• Speed controller
• Charger
• Bodyshell
• Wheels, Tires, Inserts

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