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RC Car Tutorial is a series to show the basic concept and information about RC cars. Not only for the beginner, but it may also contain something you don’t know, even an RC car expert!
14 Oct Yeah Racing's Fluid Silicone Oil 0 418
Yeah Racing's Fluid Silicone Oil!Yeah Racing high-quality si..
02 Aug Easy Mods for Upgrade your Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Performance
admin 0 6378
Turn Your Traxxas TRX-4 Sport into a Competition-Grade Machi..
10 Jul FF, RR, FR, 4WD and MR, Do you really know the difference between?
admin 0 39829
FF, RR, FR, 4WD, and MR?Do you really know the difference be..
04 Jul RC Tutorial | What is offset? How to calculate it?
admin 0 6947
RC CAR TUTORIAL’ is a series to show the basic concept and i..
04 Jul RC Tutorial | How to measure screw size?
admin 0 2057
How to measure screw size?RC CAR TUTORIAL’ is a series to sh..
04 Jul RC Tips: How to maintain your Ball Bearings? (Cleaning & Lubricating)
admin 0 3310
RC Ball Bearing MaintenanceRC Ball bearings should always b..
01 Jun RC Tutorial | How to get water out of the tires?
admin 0 2741
When you ran your truck through the creek, the foam in tires..
21 Jan RC Tutorial | LiPo Battery – The Way of Maintenance
admin 0 1367
Hello, Everyone.  Here is the rcMart RC Tutorial.In this les..
01 Jul Changes in RC over the last two decades
admin 0 4244
Over the last 10-20 years, the RC industry has progressed fu..
02 Jun Introduce RC Cars To Your Children? YES or NO?
admin 0 4471
Sometimes it can be tricky to find hobbies for kids, especia..
06 Jan Traxxas | Upgrade your 1/16 Chassis with Metal-Gear Waterproof Servo #2080X
admin 0 1034
 support had uploaded a new How-to Video to show you, how to..
31 Oct RC Tutorial | How to Replace the Rotor with Acuvance High Torque Motor by RDN Official
admin 0 1070
RDN Official filmed an RC Tutorial video about how to Replac..
25 Feb Traxxas | How To Build The Ultimate Traxxas TRX-4 Using The Latest Accessories
admin 0 1463
Traxxas offers a huge array of upgrade parts and accessories..
21 Feb RC Tutorial | How to Clean Your Dirty Motor?
0 3690
Every RC player must have a problem with the maintenance of ..
13 Feb RC Tutorial | How to Paint Your RC Body by Pro-Line Racing
admin 0 1417
Pro-Line uploaded a video about how to paint your RC body. I..
01 Nov RC Tech Tutorial | Stop Calculate Gear Ratio! Using the Distance to Figure out the Correct Gear Ratio!
04 Jun A Beginner's Guide to become a professional RC Car Racer!
admin 0 2365
R/C car (Radio Controlled Car) is one of the sport combined ..
23 May Know More About LiPo Battery
admin 0 4003
Lithium Polymer batteries (“LiPo” batteries), are a newer ty..
13 Feb Helpful RC Tips
admin 0 3725
Every Pro racer was once a beginner. Who knows if you would ..
09 Oct Electric V.S. Nitro
admin 0 6772
Making the right choice between an electric or a nitro vehic..
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