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Brand: Protoform Model: PRM158400
Description:This is Protoform 1/7 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Clear Body Set For ARRMA Infraction 6S. PROTOform is proud to bring one of the most legendary tuner cars ever built to the 1:7 scale ARRMA® Infraction™ 6S with the release of the 2002 Nissan® Skyline GT-R R34.Perhaps no 1:1 car captures ..
USD 84.99
Brand: Protoform Model: 6373-00
Description:This is Protoform Chevy Corvette C8 Body Replacement Front Splitter..
USD 14.99 USD 18.70
Brand: Protoform Model: 1577-03
Description:This is Protoform Chevy Corvette C8 Body Clear Rear Wing. This is a Replacement Rear Wing for the PRM157700 PROTOform Chevy® Corvette™ C8 Body for Felony™ & Infraction™. Have you thrashed the rear wing on your C8-equipped Felony™ during some intense street bash sessions? This is a replac..
USD 12.99 USD 16.24
Brand: Protoform Model: 1733-00
Description:This is Protoform 1/10 Outlaw Clear Wing Kit For Pro-Line Pro-Mod Body. This is an Outlaw Clear Wing Kit for the Pro-Mod Body. For top-level Outlaw Class racers, the Outlaw Wing kit is a must-have upgrade for maximum stability and performance at blazing fast scale-1/4-mile speeds.The win..
USD 19.15 USD 36.24
Brand: Protoform Model: 1582-00
Description:This is Protoform 2021 Ford Mustang Vendetta Clear Body Set For 1/8 RC Onroad. When the 3S line of ARRMA® Street Bash line of vehicles was announced, we knew we had to bring some American Muscle styling to what is sure to be a very popular 70mph+ platform. What better model to do that wi..
USD 39.90 USD 74.99
Brand: Protoform Model: 1585-00
Description:This is Protoform 1/10 Nissan GT-R R35 Clear Body Set For Losi 22S Drag Car. PROTOform is proud to announce a partnership with Nissan®! This collaboration begins with bringing the car they call "Godzilla" to the No Prep RC Drag Racing scene for the first time: the Nissan® GT-R™ R35 Pro M..
USD 31.05 USD 58.75
Brand: Protoform Model: 1577-00
Description:The Protoform Arrma Felony & Infraction Corvette C8 Body is an officially licensed body option that offers the ultimate aerodynamic upgrade to the popular Felony platform. All the exceptional details of its 1:1 counterpart including aggressive cab-forward design, sculpted side doors, and..
USD 79.90 USD 99.95
Brand: Protoform Model: 1579-30
Description:The Protoform 1967 Dodge Dart Vintage Racing Body is a 1/10 scale replica for VTA class racers that celebrates one of most unique cars in the famous Trans-Am series. Protoform has captured all the details of the 3-time race-winning car, with its distinctive flat-sided, compact-muscle loo..
USD 24.38 USD 44.99
Brand: Protoform Model: 1554-20
Description:This is a Protoform P47-N 1/10 X-Light Weight Clear Touring Car Body, the next evolution of the IFMAR World Title-winning P37. Featuring an aero concepts and some design cues never before seen in the class, the P47 was exhaustively tested to find a body that offers more precise and smoot..
USD 31.99 USD 39.99
Brand: Protoform Model: 1530-25
PROTOform PFR18 PRO-Light Clear Body For 1/8 On-Road #1530-25Description: This is the Protoform PFR18 "PRO-Lite" 1/8 On Road Clear Body. 2011 was a spectacular year for PROTOform in the 1/8th IC Nitro On-Road class. Not only did 8 A-Main finalists at the IFMAR WORLDS in Homestead Florida chose the..
USD 21.67 USD 52.49
Brand: Protoform Model: 1564-22
PROTOform D9 PRO-Lite Clear Body Set For 190mm 1/10 Touring Car #1564-22Description: D9 is PROTOform’s aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much success with the Type-S, the Protoform world-class team of drivers requested a less-aggressive body handling feel in specific conditi..
USD 15.90 USD 27.96
Brand: Protoform Model: 1572-30
PROTOform Hyper-SS Light Weight Clear Body Set For 1/8 GT #1572-30Description: This is PROTOform Hyper-SS Light Weight Clear Body Set For 1/8 GT. When IFMAR announced the first-ever 1/8th GT Worlds with a new set of Global Body Spec rules, we set out to design a new body that was not only fast, bu..
USD 25.64 USD 68.74
Brand: Protoform Model: 1227-21
PROTOform Polycarbonate ORT Truck Clear 200mm Body For Oval #1227-21Description: This is the Protoform ORT Oval Race Truck Body. From its molded-in front splitter to its add-on rear spoiler, the ORT is a serious race body. It incorporates styling cues and aerodynamic tricks from all the major play..
USD 22.45 USD 42.49
Brand: Protoform Model: 1564-25
PROTOform D9 Light Weight Clear Body Set For 190mm 1/10 Touring Car #1564-25Description: D9 is PROTOform’s aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing. After much success with the Type-S, the Protoform world-class team of drivers requested a less-aggressive body handling feel in specific con..
USD 13.58 USD 27.16
Brand: Protoform Model: 1569-25
PROTOform X15 PRO-Lite Weight Clear Body Set For 1/8 RC Onroad #1569-25Description: This is the Protoform X15 1/8 On Road Clear Body, an updated race body that has been exhaustively tested by Protoforms world-class team of drivers and has proven to be a step forward in predictable handling and low..
USD 19.90 USD 39.16
Brand: Protoform Model: 1505-25
PROTOform LTC-R (Rubber) Light Weight Clear Body for 190mm #1505-25Description: This is the PROTOform LTC-R 190mm Touring Car Body Light Weight.Clear Uncut Body Material: Made with Genuine 0.025mm Lexan Clear protective film to prevent overspray: YesWidth: 190mm Height: 112mm Wheelbase: 2..
USD 13.80 USD 27.16
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PROTOform RC bodies are widely used by the world’s top professional hobbyists, winning numerous worldwide race, i.e. iFMAR World Champs. Every PROTOform body is well deisgned, its attention to detail, realism, and outstanding on track performance has surpassed its competitors. PROTOform offers RC bodies molded from crystal clear lexan in different sizes and body thicknesses.

In 1991, former GM employee Dale Epp founded PROTOform, and employed his taleented design skills of style, realism and aerodynamics to the RC industry. PROTOform has captured 13 IFMAR World Champions and countless national, regional, and local championship titles since those early days.

Today, PROTOform continues as a thriving company partnering with master mold maker Dale Epp to deliver the most innovative, functional and attractive on-road RC race bodies in the world.

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