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21 Promotions on rcMart's 21st Anniversary

New Arrival

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 27

JConcepts Top Hat Titanium Screw 4 pcs NEW ARRIVAL!!!

JConcepts introduces individual titanium Top Hat titanium screws for easy weight reduction, durability and ease to use! Comes in 2 colours, Burnt Blue & Stealth Black respectively! There are 3 lengths for you to choose from, don't miss it!

  • 5038-1: 3x8mm (Burnt Blue)
  • 5038-2: 3x8mm (Stealth Black)
  • 5039-1: 3x10mm (Burnt Blue)
  • 5039-2: 3x10mm (Stealth Black)
  • 5040-1: 3x12mm (Burnt Blue)
  • 5040-2: 3x12mm (Stealth Black)

Hiro Seiko Titanium / Aluminum Hex Socket Screw Set NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out now!

  • HS-48866: Yokomo BD12 (Black)
  • HS-48859: Xpress Arrow AT1 (Red)

Tamiya 1/10 DT-03T Aqroshot 2WD Truck EP Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The low form of U.S. stadium racing trucks is matched with a stylish body, and the DT-03T chassis is easy to control and assemble, which encourages young drivers to enter the world of RC. It has excellent balance and driving stability, and is very suitable for beginners in RC cars!

Jconcepts 1.7 & 1.9inch Off Road Tires For 3437/3438 Mono Rim NEW ARRIVAL!!!

-1.7inch Compound Rear Tires For 3438 Mono Rim-

  • 4025-02: Bar Codes V1 (Green)
  • 4025-05: Bar Codes V1 (Gold)
  • 4033-02: Taper Spike (Green)

-1.9inch Compound Front Tires For 3437 Mono Rim-

  • 4026-02: Bar Codes V1 (Green)
  • 4026-05: Bar Codes V1 (Gold)
  • 4032-02: Step Spike (Green)

O.S. Engine B21 Adam Engine Built Up Parts Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Metal Engine Built Up Parts Set with a displacement of 3.49cc, a bore of 16.40mm and a stroke of 16.55mm. Welcome to inquire!

Heaps of ReveD Parts for RDX NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out now!

  • D1-011R50: RDX EZ Type 5mm Wheel Hub Set
  • D1-011R70: RDX EZ Type 7mm Wheel Hub Set
  • D1-011RM: EZ Type Wheel Hub Maintenace Set
  • D1-011S: Aluminum Wheel Hub Spacer Set
  • D1-202G: RDX Graphite Bell Crank Set

SMJ Stealth Line Lefty Spring RL6.3 & Oval Body Patch NEW RELEASE!!!

The SMJ Stealth Line Lefty Spring RL Series, which has been well-received, is now available in the hardest 6.3 version. With three different types now available, it can be used in a wider range of conditions. With an overall length of 27mm, the wire diameter is 1.7mm. The oval hole type body patch is suitable for horizontal type rear body mount for electric touring cars with the new thin type just 0.3mm thick for use with lightweight bodies. Stay tuned!

Castle Creations Car Brushless Systems For 1/8 1/10 RC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Mamba Monster X ESC is equipped with a 1515-2200Kv V2 motor, which has higher efficiency and smoother throttle control! Regardless of whether 1/10 monster trucks, 1/8 buggies, truggies or on-road vehicles, it can perform well! The brand new Copperhead 10 is positioned between entry-level and extreme performance, with high reliability and oozes smooth low-end power for technical low RPM performance! Don't miss it!

  • 010-0145-06 Monster X 25.2V ESC 8A Peak Bec w/ 1515-2200KV V2 Brushless Sensored Motor Combo Set For 1/8 1/10 RC

-Copperhead 10 Sensored ESC SCT w/ Sensored Motor Combo Set For 1/10 RC-

  • 010-0166-09: 1412-3200KV
  • 010-0166-15: 1412-2100KV

LRP 14x25.4x6mm Rear Ball Bearing for ZR.32 Engine is now in stock at rcMart!!!

The last few pieces are for sale. Don’t miss it!

Mugen Seiki MTC2/ MTC2R Parts are now available at rcMart!!! Check them out!

  • A2245A: MTC2 H.D. Belt
  • A2148-H: MTC2R Front Rear Hard Upper Arms w/ Parts Set
  • A2158: MTC2 Upper Carbon Deck Brace
  • A2164: MTC2R Aluminum Lower Bulkhead
  • A2165: MTC2R Aluminum Upper Arm Bracket
  • A2166: MTC2R Carbon Upper Deck
  • A2169: MTC2R Upright Arm Mount Black
  • A2170: MTC2R Carbon Upper Deck Set
  • A2246-35: MTC2R 3.5mm Offset Wheel Hub
  • A2542A: MTC2R Aluminum Lower Shock Tower Mount
  • A2548: MTC2R Shock Set
  • A2817: MTC2R Aluminum 6mm Ball
  • B0557: MTC2R Turnbuckle-Camber Tool Wrench

Blockhead Motors’ various Clothing, Pit Towel & Body Decals NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Different sizes are provided to suit everyone’s needs! Check them out!


  • RC Boy GY XL: RC Boy T-Shirt (Gray XL Size)
  • RC Boy GY L: RC Boy T-Shirt (Gray L Size)
  • RC Boy WH XXL: RC Boy T-Shirt (White XXL Size)
  • RC Boy WH XL: RC Boy T-Shirt (White XL Size)
  • BH Motor BK L: Motor T-Shirt (Black L Size)
  • BH Motor WH L: Motor T-Shirt (White L Size)
  • BH Offroad WH BU XL: Offroad T-Shirt (White Blue XL Size)
  • BH Offroad WH YW XL: Offroad T-shirt (White Yellow XL Size)
  • BH Shop Logo GY XL: Shop Logo T-shirt (Gray XL Size)
  • BH Shop Logo WH XL: Shop Logo T-shirt (White XL Size)


  • BH Pit Towel: 1200mm x 600mm Pit Towel (Yellow)
  • BH Original Decal BU: 210x148mm Original Decal Sheet (Blue)

Tamiya Buggy Rear Tires For Tamiya BB-01 Chassis are now available at rcMart!!!

These are the stock replacement rear tires for the Tamiya BB-01 chassis. Use them to replace worn-out tires for optimal running performance. Check it out!

Kyosho Mini-Z Readyset RTR Car Kit EP NEW ARRIVAL!!!

These two Mini-Zs can be played just by inserting the battery out of the box. They are equipped with MA-020 and MR-03 chassis respectively, enjoying advanced performance and bringing you the thrill of drifting driving! Don't miss it!

  • 32635WBK: AWD Toyota SPRINTER TRUENO AE86 (White)
  • 32340WR: RWD MR03 McLaren Senna GTR (White/Red)

Overdose M3x5mm Point Type Set Screw & Adjuster Shaft NEW RELEASE!!!

The point type set screw and adjuster shaft is now available as a spare part used in OD2862-4 adjustable aluminium front suspension arm Type-3. Spare parts for peace of mind even in the event of loss or damage! Stay tuned!

  • OD3568: Point Type Set Screw M3x5mm (10pcs)
  • OD3741: Adjuster Shaft (For OD2862-4/2pcs)

Team Associated MT12 4WD Red RTR Monster Truck Combo NEW ARRIVAL!!!

As a Monster Truck, it may be small in size, but is jam-packed and full of incredible features! It not only has realistic chrome wheels, chevron-style tires, and a retro-style monster truck body but also a steel ladder frame chassis. Featuring a 4-link suspension, threaded shocks and soft rubber tires to provide the grip and performance you need! There's a compact 3-gear transmission, plastic low-friction slider-type drive shafts, front steel CVA axles, and metal-shield ball bearings. Moreover, this monster truck is ready to play out of the box, without building it!

Vanquish VS4-10 Pre-Painted Phoenix Bedsides Body NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Available in 2 colours. Check it out!

  • VPS10223: Grey
  • VPS10222: Red

Yokomo Thread lock 5g NEW ARRIVAL!!!

A medium-strength screw lock agent that is applied to the tip of screws when fixing metal parts, etc., to prevent screws from loosening due to vibrations, etc. Check it out now!

Yeah Racing Aluminum 7075 94-98mm Motor Mount For Kyosho Mini-Z MR02/03 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Features simple and minute height adjustment with spacer shims to get the perfect ride height! Includes D slot and Circular motor mounting for use with both Kyosho and standard brushless motors. Included a brass piece to add weight at the rear of the motor. Don’t miss it!

Tamiya MB-01 Parts NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Use them to maintain your chassis and transmission in top form. Check them out now!

  • 51719: A Parts Uprights Set
  • 51720: B Parts Dampers Set
  • 51721: C Parts Transmission Set
  • 51722: D Parts Gearbox
  • 51723: G Parts Gears Set
  • 51724: M Parts Arms Set
  • 51725: LD Parts Lower Deck Set

CXD Model 1/16 Pinecone Model 4WD RTR Whisky Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This mini off-road vehicle is equipped with a 280-strong magnetic high-speed motor. It has all the basic functions, such as brakes, full proportional throttle and steering. There are overcharge and over-discharging protection and low voltage protection for the battery. When the receiver's battery power is lower than 6.5V or the temperature is higher than the set value, it will automatically stop working or conduct the drive control circuit protection, and it will resume operation after normal. Besides, you can enjoy playing RC immediately after opening the box and plugging in the power. Don’t miss it!

  • SG1612RD: Red
  • SG1612BU: Blue

Hobbywing x Onisiki Brushless ESC & Motor Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Special Offer Limited Edition ESC & Motor Set! XERUN XD10 PRO Drift Brushless ESC paired with Onisiki KIKOKU Drift Performance Brushless Motor, giving you the ultimate drifting experience and enjoying the fun of extreme speed! Come and get it now!

  • CB2184: 8.5T 5150KV
  • CB2185: 8.5T 5150KV
  • CB2186: 10.5T 4050KV
  • CB2187: 10.5T 4050KV
  • CB2188: 13.5T 3200KV (Silver)
  • CB2189: 13.5T 3200KV (Gold)

MST 1/10 RMX 2.5 RWD Shaft Driven Car Classic Drift Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The newly evolved RMX 2.5 Classic KIT is an entry-level and professional rear-drive drifter. Professional body design and default factory setting with the successful experience of 2.0 stable control, push the drift control stability to a new realm once again. Let beginner players can control and experience the fun of drifting more easily and have professional drift ability in large-angle and attitude at the same time. Even after the driving ability is improved, the whole car has abundant upgrades giving more powerful development potential to the car’s performance. Don’t miss it if you are interested in drifting!

532206B: E92 532206G: E30RB

Mon-Tech Racing M23 Clear Body Set For 235mm Wheelbase Pan Car NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The M23 has aggressive and sharp lines, which give it excellent stability and perfect cornering with so much traction on exit that it is very agile and fast on any track. Don’t miss it!

Yokomo ESC Parts for BL-RPX3/RPXS NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • BL-RPX3SW: Power Switch
  • BL-RPX3CF: Cooling Fan

Atomic MRZ Metal Servo Saver For AGFRC A06 Atomic 1820 1855 is now available at rcMart!!!

The last few pieces are for sale. Don’t miss it!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 26

Yeah Racing Hacktronic G2 Brushless Sensored 110A ESC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It features updated firmware and software which brings it up to date with current requirements. The ability to read statistics from your most recent run allows you to fine-tune ESC settings or gearing to the utmost precision. For racing, this ESC can be set to "blinky" mode for racing in stock classes or set it up with boost and turbo for drifting! Don’t miss it!

Xpress AM1 1/10 Mini Competition 4WD Shaft Drive Touring Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The M-Chassis version of the full-size 1/10 touring Arrow AT1. Sporting all the designs that made the Arrow AT1 a competitive chassis and turned into an M-Chassis platform. Order it now!

>> Arrow AM1 Info <<

PN Racing Machine Cut 6-Spoke Delrin 8.5x19mm Flanged Wheel NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for Mini-Z 2WD. Check it out now!

  • MR2088F05: F0.5
  • MR2088F15: F1.5
  • MR2088F25: F2.5

R31House Shibata 4mm / 5.5mm Turnbuckle Wrench NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The material of the wrench part and the shape of the tip part have been changed. This improves durability and ease of handling. The 4mm wrench side, which is frequently used, has been machined to make it easier to distinguish from the 5.5mm side.

Atomic MRZ SF (Simple Front) Front System Conversion Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This Front suspension system can fit on MRZ, MRZ-DWS, MRZ-V1.1, and MRZ-PRO, easy to build, easy to get symmetric, and easy to tune and set up! Came with medium springs, the new carbon steering top plate features improved Ackermann technology for more a gentle steering response! There is a 0.2mm shims to adjust the camber, and the overall arm length will be wider, increasing stability and driving performance! Don’t miss it!

Overdose GALM Aluminum Bearing Adaptor & Bearing Stopper Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

By using aluminium for the bearing adapter that supports the GALM differential, it holds the differential firmly even under high load and reduces the burden on the belt and gears. In addition, the stopper is also made of aluminium and it is possible to position it more accurately and reliably.

  • OD3739: Purple
  • OD3740: Red

Yeah Racing Tritronic 4X Waterproof Brushed 120A ESC is now available at rcMart!!!

Waterproof heavy-duty ESC, best suited for the High Voltages Monster Trucks! Full Aluminum Case with double battery input for double the speed!

Overdose Adjuster Nut & Knuckle Stoppers For OD2439 are now available at rcMart!!!

It is for OD2439 Adjustable Aluminum Knuckle Set. Available in 3 colours, check it out!

  • OD3567: Black
  • OD3566: Red
  • OD3565: Purple

GL Racing 1/28 GL AMG GT3 Limited Edition For Mini-Z NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It can be mounted on the GL 98mm chassis / Mini-Z, check it out now!

Yokomo Aluminum Low Profile Head Hex Screws for BD12 are now available at rcMart!!!

Available in 2 sizes, the aluminium parts are more durable than the standard! Check it out!

  • ZC-LH36A: M3 x 6mm
  • ZC-LH38A: M3 x 8mm

JConcepts Swiper 1/8 and SCT Dirt Oval tyre NEW RELEASE!!!

Swiper tires are designed for racing on dirt oval track surfaces that require a hefty treaded tire that can go the distance, and Swiper tyres can pull double duty for SCT-based vehicles and 1:8 buggy-inspired dirt oval vehicles in a variety of conditions with the 2.2 x 3.0-inch bead diameters. Swiper tyres are available in Blue (soft), and Aqua A2 (medium soft long wear) compounds. Stay tuned!

Sanwa Aluminum Parts for M17 NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 191A04602A: Aluminum Steering Base
  • 191A04603A: Aluminum Dial

Element 1/10 Rock Crawler Body Sets NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 42176: Enduro Trailwalker Black Body Set (For 40119)
  • 42178: Sendero HD Painted Body Set (For Enduro Trail Truck)

Serpent SRX8 GT optional 12/44 ratio NEW RELEASE!!!

New engines are developed every year as engine manufacturers squeeze more power or RPM out of .21-sized nitro engines. Serpent's current SRX8 GT race car has an internal ratio of 13/44, and for drivers who need a larger range, Serpent is now introducing an optional 12/44 ratio! Accelerate faster while reducing engine load, allowing for longer runtimes by utilising different ratio splits and fuel mixtures! Keep an eye out!

Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 Porsche 911 GT3 992 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Tamiya has recreated the Porsche 911 GT3 (992) with a stunning and highly detailed polycarbonate body! It adopts the TT-02 chassis, which is suitable for beginners and highly customizable TT-02 chassis. TT-02 adopts a vertical layout and has excellent stability. The 7th generation Porsche 911 GT3 features a double-wishbone front suspension and a horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine. Lightweight components and aerodynamic design extensively improved its performance! The carbon fiber reinforced plastic front hood which was employed for production vehicles for the first time, gives a lightweight design! Also, hanging-type wing stay supply greater downforce and lower drag! Beginners and RC masters should not miss it!

PN Racing Machine Cut 6 Spoke Delrin 8.5x19mm Flanged Wheel NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for Mini-Z 2WD. Check it out now!

Yeah Racing Stainless Steel Front & Rear Center Shaft Set Black NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is used for Axial SCX10 PRO. Using stainless steel material that is durable and will not be rusted by water. Don’t miss it!

JConcepts Pre-Cut Hook And Loop Tape NEW RELEASE!!!

Many projects require the use of this versatile product including installing the latest 1/10th off-road bodies onto their chassis assemblies. Various chassis’ have low-profile side guards, stacks of carbon fiber or surfaces which are intended to connect the body shell to the chassis. This product has already been slimmed down to the correct width so it has a professional look, fit, and finish without any trimming necessary to the width. Stay tuned!

Bittydesign AR8-GT3 SWB 235mm 1/8 GT body NEW RELEASE!!!

Bittydesign introduces the third 1/8 GT bodyshell - the all-new AR8-GT3 SWB 235mm model! Making reference to the Audi GT3 supercar, the AR8-GT3 bodywork line is designed to adapt to production needs. It features a lowered front nose that produces excellent steering while the lowered cab and pronounced roof pillars stabilise the air flows that are conveyed into the large rear wing which makes the model easy to drive. Stay tuned!

Team Powers Actinium V5 Brushless Sensored Motor For 1/10 RC Car NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The revised assembly design for improved sensor accuracy, magnetic field consistency, and efficiency has improved! The collector ring is machined from proprietary alloy resulting in minimal resistance and maximum heat dissipation. Check it out now!

  • TP-BLM-085100AC-V5: 8.5T
  • TP-BLM-135100AC-V5: 13.5T
  • TP-BLM-175100AC-V5: 17.5T

Xtra Speed Aluminum Front Shock Mount For Tamiya Wild One is now in stock at rcMart!!!

Beef up the front end of your retro Tamiya buggy with these aluminium shock mounts! Don't miss it!

R31House DR competition memberance Soft Red For GRK is now available at rcMart!!!

Derived from repeated test runs, the diaphragm is made with a focus on characteristics and materials and adopts a new hardness that matches the recent RWD drift scene and spring characteristics.

Yokomo BD12 Parts NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The Upper Deck is 1.5mm thinner than the standard, and the rigidity is softened to achieve mild steering characteristics. And the Rear Stiffener Plate, attached to the upper part of the upper deck on the rear side, is a graphite plate that regulates the movement of the ATF which induces rear roll and increases the rear rigidity. Check them out now!

  • B12-002A: Aluminum Main Chassis
  • B12-003FS: Graphite 1.5mm Front Upper Deck
  • B12-003RS: Graphite 1.5mm Rear Upper Deck
  • B12-003RSP: Graphite Rear Stiffener Plate (For BD11/12)

Kyosho A.S.C. McLaren Senna GTR White/Red Painted Body NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is used for Mini-Z MR03W-MM. Check it out now!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 25

HPI Racing Savage XL 5.9 GTXL-6 1/8th 4WD Nitro Monster Truck NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The XL has a Savage X chassis with an XtraLarge 3mm TVP chassis and engine plate, XtraLarge F5.9 Nitro Star engine, XtraLarge axle extenders and an XtraLarge GTXL-6 body with an all-new look to rock and roll over any kind of terrain! And it has the same new features as the Savage X 4.6 GT-6, including 17mm aluminium hex hubs, all hex hardware, new bumpers, a new body, wheels & ties, and more. Whether you have just started to get in touch with Savage or have played it before, you can consider this XL 5.9!

Atomic 1/28 MRZ SF Chassis Kit w/o Electronic NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Compared with the double arm system, the SF system is easier to build and to get symmetric, and it is also easier to tune and set up. The new carbon steering top plate with improved Ackerman technology for a more gentle steering response. The overall arm length is wider for increased stability and drivability. And you can also use the provided 0.2mm spacer for camber adjustment. The mini RC car can be taken out of the street or played indoors. It is convenient and not obstructive, so don't miss it!

Power HD SSR PGB Low Profile HV Brushless 16.5kg 0.05sec Digital Servo NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It features Ti & Steel gears and is used for Yokomo BD11 BD12. Check it out now!

Addiction RC Sticker Sets NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Decorate your car with these stunning and stylish stickers! Check them out now!

  • AD003-15: D1GP 2022 Masato Kawabaya Livery RB9 Exclusive Sticker Sheets Set (3pcs)
  • AD003-16: D1GP 2022 Masato Kawabaya Door Sticker & Windshield Banner Sticker Set
  • AD003-17: PANDEM Sticker Set (Black)
  • AD003-18: PANDEM Sticker Set (White)

LRP ZR.30/32 14 x 25.4 x6mm Rear Ball Bearing is now available at rcMart!!!

LRP Engine bearing for ZR.30-.32 engines. Check it out!

Tamiya 1/32 Mini 4WD Dash-1 Emperor Black Special MS NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The excellent 3-piece MS Chassis features fluorescent yellow N-02 and T-01 units, centre chassis, and gear covers. Black arched tires are mounted onto the silver large-diameter lightweight wheels, offering your machine optimum high-speed cornering and top-speed performance. With the affordable price, it is a great deal to get yourself a mini RC!

Yokomo BDFWD Front Wheel Drive Touring Car NEW RELEASE!!!

The car has evolved to the latest specifications and is equipped with popular graphite suspension arms. The kit’s standard aluminium main chassis and redesigned front section provide outstanding stability despite the heavy front section. The low centre of the gravity shock tower, short shocks, small diameter spur gears and new motor mounts result in a thoroughly low centre of gravity, which, combined with the low-mounted stabiliser in the front, enables high-speed cornering. In the rear, R.T.C. rear toe control is standard equipment, making it easy to obtain turning characteristics suited to the course layout, reducing understeer that is common in FWD machines, and improving time through sharp cornering. Keep an eye out!

R31House GRK Aluminum 23T Direct Servo Horn NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It supports a wide range of lever ratios from low lever ratios to high lever ratios so that it can be used with the latest gyros. The servo horn body is made of aluminium and has high rigidity, and in the RWD drift scene using the gyro, it is possible to accurately reflect the input from the servo. It is also compatible with 23T servos such as SANWA and KO. Available in 3 colours, check it out now!

  • R31S026PU: Puple
  • R31S026RD: Red
  • R31S026BK: Black

ABC Hobby 2 Body Sets NEW ARRIVAL!!!

These bodies are licensed by the manufacturer and are well known for their authentic looking. Check them out now!

  • 67042: NISSAN Sunny Truck Body Set (For 1/10 M-Chassis Gambado)
  • 67092: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III 190mm Body Set (For 1/10 RC Touring Drift)

Pandora RC Body Decor & Scale Parts for 1/10 RC Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • PAI-812: GT Clear Wing Set
  • PAI-813: Clear Over Fender Set ver.2

Axon Aluminum 3x30mm Fusion Turnbuckle is now available at rcMart!!!

Aluminium turnbuckle is more durable and firm without deformation! Check it out now!

Xtra Speed RC Parts for Tamiya are now available at rcMart!!!

Carbon Graphite rear shock stay for Tamiya Super Hot Shot to increase durability whilst not upsetting the weight balance! And the graphite chassis for your retro Tamiya buggy for better on-track performance!

  • XS-TA29139: Carbon Chassis 2.5mm (For Fighting Buggy)
  • XS-TA29138: Carbon Rear Shock Mount 3.0mm (For Super Hot Shot)

Yokomo RO1.0 Ready to Run Set NEW RELEASE!!!

Following the release of its new entry-level Rookie Offroad RO1.0 1/10 Buggy back in March, Yokomo has now added an RTR Set version to make the platform even more appealing to hobby newcomers. Pre-installed chassis, the latest 2.4GHz radio system, a brushless motor and LiPo batteries while maintaining the highly popular driving performance. Everything is pre-adjusted, so you can charge the batteries and play right out of the box! The operability is enough to impress even expert drivers, and the specs are of a standard suitable to race. Many optional parts are available already so you can freely tune it to your needs. Keep an eye out!

Pandora RC 1/10 Porsche 911 RWB 993 TYPE RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Limited Edition Clear Body Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for 1/10 Drift, a limited edition clear car body made in Japan. It also has the RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF famous modified Porsche sports car factory certification! Don’t miss it!

Slidelogy POM Mini Drift Tire For Mini-Z NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Large selection of Mini-Z sized drift tires for you to choose from, ranging from wide and narrow for you to fit your body! Check them out now!

  • SDY-0306: 20 X 9mm
  • SDY-0307: 20 X11mm
  • SDY-0308: 22 X 9mm
  • SDY-0309: 22 X11mm

Team Associated Enduro SE FT Machined Ring & Pinion Set is now available at rcMart!!!

This Factory Team set for the Enduro SE vehicles provides machined ring and pinion gears for precise mesh fit, and both are made of steel for increased durability. The included Golden Grease also ensures smooth performance. Don’t miss it!

Yeah Racing Hackslider Drift Performance Tuned Gyro For RC Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Hold that perfect drift angle combined with high speeds with this super small Gyro pre-loaded with customized firmware for Drifting! Comes with an aluminium Heat-sink case for high-efficiency cooling. Features adjustments to suit every servo on the market and you can also reverse the direction in which the gyro acts. The gain (Or sensitivity) can be adjusted on the fly for drifters with transmitters featuring more than3-channels and also can be adjusted on the gyro itself. Available in 3 colours, check it out now!

  • YE-0044BK: Black
  • YE-0044RD: Red
  • YE-0044BU: Blue

LRP 1/8 eBuggy Motor Cooling System NEW RELEASE!!!

A new motor cooling system specifically designed for 1:8 eBuggy use. The German brand successfully tested the new system at the recent European Championships at the Rhein-Main Circuit where it kept motor temperatures at an unprecedented low level despite the scorching hot weather. The WorksTeam aluminium fan mount can be used to mount up to 2 x 40 mm WorksTeam high rev motor fans with a matching WorksTeam aluminium safety mesh also available with the mounting hardware included. Keep an eye out!

Slidelogy 1/28 Mini-Z Lexan Clear Body NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Economical bodies for use with Mini-Z-sized touring cars that won't break the bank, perfect for practice or just bashing!

  • SDY-0310: Huracan 98mm
  • SDY-0311: Rafa 98mm

Castle Creations Mamba X Waterproof Sensored Brushless 25.2V ESC & Motor Combo Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is for 1/8 and 1/10 RC. The Mamba X is extremely versatile, capable of powering a wide variety of applications ranging from 2S to 6S and vehicles ranging from 1/10th to 1/8th scale. Whether you are racing at the track with your 2WD buggy, SCT, monster truck or crawler, this ESC raises the bar to a whole new level. Pair with a Castle 4-POLE 12-SLOT Sensored Motor to provide precise throttle control and buttery smooth starts! Don’t miss it!

  • 010-0155-01: 4600kV 1406 Motor Combo Set
  • 010-0155-09: 2200kV 1406 Motor Combo Set
  • 010-0155-12: 3200kV 1412 Motor Combo Set

Hudy Tyre Mounting Bands NEW RELEASE!!!

Hudy Tyre Mounting Bands apply pressure to the tire and keep the tire bead pressed firmly into the glue channel in the wheel which eliminates air gaps between the tire and wheel and helps to create a strong glue bond. The wide bandwidth helps to apply even pressure along the entire bead width. Available in 2 different sizes and 2 colours: Black & Purple. Stay tuned!

Serpent 990 Shockmount Flex Sets NEW RELEASE!!!

Serpent has released new optional front and rear Shockmount Flex sets for their 990 1/8 Onroad Chassis which allow for more flex. The traditional shock bracket is replaced by 2 separate mounts. Due to the use of the shims, the angle of the shocks can also be adjusted in smaller steps, allowing for an even better-suited set-up. The two separate mounts can be connected to give more stiffness, especially on high-traction tracks. Stay tuned!

Serpent 1/10 Spyder SRX2Gen3 2WD Team Kit NEW RELEASE!!!

The SRX2 Gen3 Team is sharing substantial parts from its predecessors but getting needed performance upgrades. The Team edition improves its performance with a completely new front-end construction featuring new Straight front arms, a new shock tower and updated Steering Rack Arms and New Ackerman arms. The buggy also gets an optional chassis with weights to allow maximum weight distribution adjustability. It also gets Carbon battery holders and straps, updated side pods, and separated bulkhead supports. Carbon Fibre chassis stiffeners for Multi-Flex are another new feature. Serpent fans remember to pay close attention!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 24

Yokomo 1/10 BD12 Aluminum Chassis Carpet Master Speed BD12 Competition 4WD Touring Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The aluminium chassis specification that achieves overwhelming cornering speed by further specializing the balance of BD12, which has an extremely low centre of gravity, for high-grip road surfaces is now available! The main chassis has a new design, which is matched with the rigidity of the BD12 chassis. It has a split upper deck, and you can enjoy the grip even when turning at high speed! On the other hand, by installing the bearings in the spring cup, the short damper that reacts even with a slight stroke is also excellent! Yokomo fans remember not to miss it!

HPI Racing Jumpshot MT V2 1/10 2WD Electric Monster Truck NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It has extra wide wheels and tires and a 12-turn 550 motor with optimized gearing is great for fast acceleration and high top speeds! A host of durability improvements include tough drivetrain gears, durable suspension parts and an extra-tough servo saver! The chassis features a Savage-style TVP design for a super-stiff chassis and centre-balanced weight. The modular design of the Jumpshot chassis gives you simple maintenance and durable crash protection for all the electronics! Don’t miss it!

  • 160260: Blue/Silver
  • 160261: Green
  • 160262: Red

Traxxas TRX-4 High Trail 1972 Chevrolet® K5 Blazer NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The 1972 Chevrolet® K5 Blazer gets the full High Trail treatment with a big, lifted stance and beautifully detailed body. Let’s conquer the roughest terrain with the K5 Blazer. Available in 2 colours, don’t miss it!

  • 92086-4BLUE: Blue Version
  • 92086-4RED: Red Version

Onisiki Aluminum Case FUKUROU High Stability Gyro For RC Car Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Gyros is a new technology that helps drivers keep their cars in a straight line. Be it buggies to drift cars, every car will be able to make use of this gyro to keep their car under control!

Castle Creations 1415 1Y 4-Pole 2400KV Sensored Brushless Motor For 1/10 RC SC Truck NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The 1415 2400kv w/5mm shaft is the perfect motor for 1/10th scale 2WD and 4WD short course trucks running on 3s or 4s LiPo. Huge amounts of torque, low temperatures, and incredible speed make this the perfect motor for hardcore bashing and driveshaft snapping power. Don’t miss it!

Tamiya Rim & Tire For 1/10 RC Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 51715: 26mm Buggy Plated Offset +2mm Rim
  • 51716: Off-Road Cars & Buggy Front Tire

SMJ Kabuto Engine T12 NEW RELEASE!!!

The engine has been completely redesigned from the previous model and features a DLC-coated crankshaft with two tungsten weights, which contributes to increased torque at low and mid speeds. The new T12 engine also features an underhead with an O-ring to prevent dust from entering, and a large cooling head finished in a bold blue and black colour to meet the toughest race conditions. Keep an eye out!

Xtra Speed Aluminum Upright For Tamiya Wild One / Grasshopper / Hornet / Fast Attack / F104 / F103 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Aluminium parts for use with a wide range of Tamiya vehicles, increasing durability and adding some bling to your car! Available in 3 colours, don’t miss it!

  • XS-TA29123RD: Light Red
  • XS-TA29123BU: Light Blue
  • XS-TA29123SV: Light Silver

Tamiya BB-01 Slipper Clutch Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Slipper clutches are an essential tuning part in 2WD off-road vehicles, they help protect the drivetrain from sudden surges, and adjust the spring tension to change the slip time and acceleration traction, to give a more stable performance!

Kyosho 2 Painted Bodies For Mini-Z MA-020 are now available at rcMart!!! Check them out!

  • MZP464W: A.S.C. MAZDA SAVANNA RX-7 FC3S White Painted
  • MZP465WBK: A.S.C. Toyota SPRINTER TRUENO AE86 White/Black Painted

Wrap-Up Next FSG Freestyle Geometry Suspension Combination Package is now in stock at rcMart!!!

It is for GRK Drift RC. It features a univer whose dogbone length can be adjusted from 43mm to 53mm and step-less adjustment of monkey shaft & hexagonal hub set and lever ratio. Check it out!

Axon Chassis Bag For 1/10 RC Onroad is now available at rcMart!!! Check it out!

Acuvance Fledge Forced Air Cooled 15.5T Brushless Motor For 1/10 RC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The next generation of brushless motors combines high levels of torque, rotation, and efficiency with a revolutionary structural design. Equipped with the industry's first system [A.V.S.], through the innovative structure of a detachable dedicated FAN close to the heat source for direct cooling, the forced air cooling inside the motor is realized. Various air holes maximize the air-cooling effect and reduce various negative factors due to the heat generation of the motor! Don't miss it!

Castle Creations Direct-Connect Sensor Wire are now in stock at rcMart!!!

The Direct-Connect Sensor Wire eliminates the need for the Castle sensor harness adapter. This eliminates a connection point and makes your installation cleaner. One end has the standard ROAR sensor plug that connects to the back of any sensored motor. The other end plugs directly into any waterproof, sensor-capable Castle ESC.

  • 011-0145-00: 200mm
  • 011-0146-00: 250mm
  • 011-0147-00: 300mm

Tamiya MB-01 Full Ball Bearing Set is now available at rcMart!!!

Adding ball bearings to your entry-level RC kit is the first step in improving speed and efficiency. This set is specifically for the Tamiya MB-01 chassis and will greatly enhance the performance of the car. Don’t miss it!

Exotek B6.4/B74.2/CB6 Option Parts NEW RELEASE!!!

First up is the Stealthy 2 colours alloy steering rack for the B6.4, T6.4 and SC6.4 series, the alloy construction ensures precise steering input and heavy-duty long-lasting performance! Then there's the new alloy rear hub kit from the Associated B74 series that's a heavy-duty design to keep the suspension geometry settings. There are also alloy steering hub kits from the AE B74 series, including .1 .2 and D, which allow for a precise beer fit for extra durability and precision. Finally is a new version of the top cross brace for the Exotek CB6 CB6.4 Chassis conversion, it is lowered to hold in LCG-type shorty batteries and has an additional front hole to mount the Servo further back if needed. Stay tuned!

Yokomo SuperDrift SD2.0 1/10 Drift Chassis NEW RELEASE!!!

The SD series of tuning drift cars, which can achieve various specifications by reconfiguring parts, has evolved into the latest version, SD2.0. While keeping the basic design of graphite double-deck chassis and gear-drive RWD, a thorough review of the weight balance and changes to the front Ackermann ratio have been made to further accentuate the latest RWD drift style. Keep an eye out!

Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kits NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Adopting the TT-02 chassis with excellent adaptability and stability, and matching the bodies of Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT/GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid and 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG Racing Version respectively! Don't miss them!

  • 58716-60A: Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT/GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid
  • 58722-60A: 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG Racing Version

Xtra Speed Aluminum Upright For Tamiya Lunch Box Midnight Pumpkin CW-01 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Aluminium parts for use with a wide range of Tamiya vehicles, increasing durability and adding some bling to your car! Available in 3 colours, don’t miss it!

  • XS-TA29124RD: Light Red
  • XS-TA29124BU: Light Blue
  • XS-TA29124SV: Light Silver

Acuvance RAD Sensor Controlled Brushless Sensored ESC System NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This high-performance ESC from Acuvance is loaded with capabilities that enable the user to tweak and alter the ESC and motor to meet their driving style and environment. With a pyramid-shaped aluminium casing design that improves durability and serves as an effective heatsink. Check it out now!

Turbo Racing Plastic Guardrail 50pcs for 1/76 RC NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 760075: White
  • 760076: Red

Atomic DRZ3 MS Front Spring Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The metal spring set has 4 colours in one set for you to choose from. Don’t miss it!

Kyosho 2 Mini-Z RTR Car Kit EP NEW ARRIVAL!!!

They are the Mini-Z AWD Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S White body version and Mini-Z 4x4 1/24 Land Rover Defender 90 Adventure Orange Black body version! You can play immediately after opening the box and inserting batteries. It is super convenient, so don't miss it!

  • 32634W: MINI-Z AWD Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S White
  • 32531MO: Mini-Z 4x4 1/24 Land Rover Defender 90 Adventure Phoenix Orange/Santorini Black

Team Orion Torsion Program Box NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The Torsion Program Box fine-tunes the performance of your Torsion Controller for maximum performance! It can adjust the following settings: Brake, Throttle Frequency, Motor Timing setup, etc. Other adjustable features include Forward/Brake or Forward/Brake/Reverse mode, BEC voltage adjustment, Low Voltage cut-off, Temperature cut-off and Motor rotation direction. Don't miss it!

Team Associated RC Parts for Reflex 14R Hoonitruck NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 21588: Pre-Painted Body Set
  • 21591: Pre-Mounted Rubber Tires w/ White Rim
  • 21592: Pre-Mounted Drift Tires w/ White Rim

Rêve D for RDX R-tune Spring Series NEW RELEASE!!!

By adopting a new “SWO” material and making it easier to induce initial subduction even at higher spring rates gives a strong kicking feeling and control performance is realised at a high level. The spring length is 23mm, which is the shortest length in the Rêve D product. There are 3 spring types in the lineup – soft, medium-hard, and hard. Rêve D has an all-set that contains all three types in a special box. Keep an eye out!

Mon-Tech Racing Oval Series 1/10 200mm Body Shells NEW RELEASE!!!

It has released a new series of oval body shells intended for 200mm Pan Car racing. Three body options are available, two Nascar, the Dega and Darlington, and one Pick-Up truck, the Bristol. The Dega and Darlington are produced in 0.75mm ‘Light’ version while Bristol is formed in standard 1mm version. The kit includes the rear wings, the fixing screws, the decals of the headlights & grilles, and the masking for the windows. Stay tuned!

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