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HPI Racing

Brand: HPI Racing Model: 108948
Description:This is HPI Racing Throttle Servo Saver Set...
USD 21.66
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 112654
Description:This is HPI Racing Savage XL Muffler Mount Hanger Wire Set...
USD 9.29
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 115448
Description:This is HPI Racing Jumpshot Aluminum Shock 4 pcs Set. Each set contains four low-friction aluminum shocks, two front and two rear, that replace the stock plastic shocks for smooth dampening and better handling. Each shock is pre-built and ready for you to add your choice of shock oils. A..
USD 55.39
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 109268
Description:This is HPI Racing 6x8x19mm Brake Hub...
USD 7.11
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 120266
Description:This is HPI Racing 26mm BBS RS Silver Gold Rim 2 pcs For 1/10 RC Drift. BBS RS Wheels are synonymous with the early 80's BMW M series cars. Our 1/10 versions feature highly detailed and strong mesh spokes with details of the originals iconic two piece design completed by a painted finish..
USD 11.45
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160102
Description:This is HPI Racing Savage XL 5.9 GTXL-6 1/8 4WD Nitro Monster Truck w/ 2.4GHz Radio. The smoke, the noise - Nothing beats NITRO and that's why HPI continues to go all out for our Internal Combustion fans! The XL has XtraLong TVP chassis, XtraLong wheelbase, XtraLarge stance and XtraLarge..
USD 756.15
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160262
Description:This is HPI Racing Jumpshot ST V2 Red 1/10 2WD Monster Truck EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. The Jumpshot ST V2 is the stadium truck version of the Jumpshot platform, and features a sleek racing body and low-profile tires which give it fantastic looks and great performance! The V2 version is packed ..
USD 183.90
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160261
Description:This is HPI Racing Jumpshot SC V2 Green 1/10 2 WD Monster Truck EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. The Jumpshot SC V2 is the short course version of the Jumpshot platform, with front and rear ‘basher’ bumpers  ready for the rigors of off-road bashing, whilst the sleek short course body and all-terrain ..
USD 197.04
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160260
Description:This is HPI Racing Jumpshot MT V2 Blue Silver Version  1/10 2WD Monster Truck w/ 2.4GHz Radio . The Jumpshot MT V2 is the big-tire monster truck version of the Jumpshot platform, and features a big, aggressive pick-up truck body and extra-wide wheels and tires to give the truck powerful ..
USD 183.90
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160422
Description:This is HPI Racing Sport 3 BMW E30 Driftworks 1/10 4WD RTR Drift Car EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. In all of motorsport, there's perhaps no better wild mix of drifting European sports cars - artful Japanese motorsport and highly-strung European classics just don't mix! ...or do they?! We've mixed ..
USD 290.14
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160215
Description:This is HPI Racing WR8 2001 WRC Subaru Impreza 300mm Painted Body. Refresh the look of your WR8 with this easy to install replacement body! Fully painted, detailed and cut out, this replacement body is formed from light, flexible and highly durable polycarbonate plastic, then painted wit..
USD 106.08
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160216
Description:This is HPI Racing WR8 2001 WRC Subaru Impreza 300mm Clear Body Set. Refresh the look of your WR8 with this replica of the classic 2001 WRC Subaru Impreza, piloted to win the Driver's Championship 20 years ago in 2001! Supplied in clear high quality polycarbonate, with the officially lic..
USD 45.25
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 101712
Description:This is HPI Racing Flux Rage 80Amp Brushless ESC For 1/8 RC Car. The Flux Rage is a tough 1/8th scale brushless ESC that's designed to take the rigors of rallycross buggy and truggy racing and bashing. Run this speedo to its limits and it just keeps coming back for more! Have a blast wit..
USD 135.37
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160086
Description:This is HPI Racing Audi e-tron Vision GT 200mm Clear Body Set For 1/10 RC Touring Car. Totally change the look of your Touring Car by adding a custom paint scheme to this Audi e-tron Vision GT! With a clear bodyshell, you are totally free to have an all-new design and colour combination!..
USD 40.55
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 108269
Description:This is HPI Racing 1m / 3.175mm Shaft 17T Pinion Gear...
USD 8.48
Smart Shipping Saver
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 160375
Description:This is HPI Racing 1/10 Sport 3 Flux Ford Mustang Mach-e 1400 RTR 4WD Touring Car w/ 2.4GHz Radio. This Sport 3 FLUX features the amazing 4WD, all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E with styling tuned and tweaked by the Fun-Haver himself, professional drifting champion Vaughn Gittin Jr., to be..
USD 374.99
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Excitement is what it is all about! HPI cars and trucks are renowned for their exceptional durability, innovative designs and high quality, but most of all they are FUN!

HPI products are enjoyed by hobbyists of all ages, from beginners to enthusiasts, with an eye for something special.

It all started in 1986: with a small investment and a lot of hard work, Tatsuro Watanabe began Hobby Products International in Southern California, the world’s biggest hotspot for RC (Radio Control) models and products. The initial product range included car accessories like graphite parts for existing race cars, wheels for off-road and on-road vehicles and motors. The Uno motors even won a World Championship title in 1987, proving that the company had what it takes to compete with the top companies in the world! This early success allowed HPI to grow the product range quickly and eventually release the first car kit designed by HPI, the Super F1.

More sales success led to HPI substantially increasing the size of the design team, and more kits and options soon followed. From here things went fast, rapidly shifting HPI's focus from being an accessories company to being one of the most prolific RC companies in the world. From the initial electric-powered car kits, the HPI product line expanded into fuel-powered RC with the Nitro RS4, off-road with the RS4 MT, small-scale RC with the Micro RS4 and eventually into bigger and bigger kits like the legendary Savage monster truck and Baja 1/5th scale buggy and truck series of vehicles. Along the way, HPI cars and trucks won plaudits and awards from RC media and fans alike, with web pages and fan groups helping to spread the word about HPI Racing.

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