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30 Minutes Missions/ Sisters

30 Minutes Mission is a new design of BANDAI's free-replacement combination series of robots. It is believed to be taken from the 3mm diameter free jacks configured throughout the body and simple assembly design. The concept is similar to the Kotobukiya Frame Arms that has been launched for many years. "30 Minutes Mission" adopts 1/144 scale, which is similar to HG. There are only 4 plates, and the main body armor and joints only have 2 plates. After configuration, the cutting pieces will be concentrated near the same position, so that players can Able to complete the basic assembly within 30 minutes. The manufacturer will launch a different color version for each model, as long as the repeated purchase can be matched with different colors. There will also be various additional accessories and weapon packs.

The 30 Minutes Sisters series is a beautiful girl assembled model derived from 30 Minutes Mission. Excellent designers such as Shimada Fumikane, Yanase Noriyuki, Ebina Kaetake, etc. are invited to participate. More designers are expected in the future. join in. Continuing the characteristics of the 30MM series, in addition to the characters, the product will also launch a very diverse set of facial expression parts, hair style parts, body parts, armed parts and other rich accessories.

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